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EOS Expertise quickly wishes to develop by pushing the hiring of demanding, mobile collaborators, keen to live various expériences.

We are looking for candidates presenting a minimum of 5 years of higher education (engineering schools, business schools) or wishing to validate an equivalent diploma by means of the apprenticeship.

You will have to be mobile in Europe, perfectly at ease with English.

Any experience, in a company or via a personal project, abroad, alone or integrated into a team will be appreciated.


Graduated from an engineering school, beginner to 5 years of experience, volunteer to participate in phases of critical tests on international projects

PMO consultants

Graduated from an engineering school or a business school, 2 years of experience minimum on activities of PMO or project management, volunteer to follow relentlessly budgets, schedules, project committees or decision committies

Business support consultants

Graduated from a business school or engineering school associated with a program management or a business experience, 1 to 5 years of experience, at ease to translate business requirements, be an effective footbridge between the business and the teams of IT specialists

Project directors

Graduated from a business school or an engineering school, 5 to 10 required years of experience as project director, quiet and serene in front of situations of effective, critical and badly committed project and contributor of fast and factual solutions. The mobility and the practice of different cultures are essential